Inya lake Complex : Kabar Aey, Yangon

A foundation lay­ing ceremony for a large outdoor shopping complex by Inya Lake took place last month.

The complex, called Harmony Square, is part of a larger mixed use de­velopment called The Central, which is being built by developers Marga landmark.

The Chief Minister for Yangon Region, H.E. U Phyo Min, Thein, joined the ceremony, which in­volved the symbolic set­ting of a cornerstone and a brief tour of the site.

Marga Group Chair­man, Dr. Stephen Suen and Group Director John Barnes also attended.

The Central aims to profit from crowded Yan­gon’s increasingly desper­ate need for public space. While critics will see the commodification of out­door areas owned by large companies as a worrying sign, Marga insists The Central will be “generous and welcoming”.

“Designed to celebrate and create harmony, the Harmony Square will be a generous and welcom­ing communal space, an exemplar of urban design harmonized with the natu­ral scenery of the beautiful Inya Lake,” the company said in a press release.

“The Central project rec­ognizes the need for more functional public area in Yangon and it is commit­ted to creating more func­tional spaces for the com­munity,” it added.

Yangon is notoriously short of public space. Skateboarders and soccer enthusiast often resort to using the splices of con­crete beneath public flyo­vers to enjoy their sports.

In a speech during last month’s ceremony, U Phyo Min Thein said: “Develop­ment in this area is part of Yangon city’s development. The development needs to bring opportunities to the public. The public needs to be able to have access to the place here, the shops and the buildings. And I’m informed that Marga has prepared for this kind of development.”

He added: “This is the first time that a group of foreign investors placed their investment in My­anmar. The result you see here today is because of the Marga’s good inten­tion and cooperation. I hope Marga will bring its relevant organizations and foreign investors to Myanmar. The regional government is there to fa­cilitate and support.”

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